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10 years of experience in programmatic advertising and precision marketing, providing you with accurate user reach channels

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What can we do?

Powerful support for your user growth through our rich experience, data, and technologies

Programmatic advertising

Based on RTB and AI technology, combined with the advantage of the data mining algorithm we have been developing in the past ten years, we strive to provide you with a more accurate and effective marketing platform.

Smart Data

Using a powerful analytical system, conduct multi-dimensional analysis of group interest points, ad delivery becomes more accurate, making user growth simple.

Smart Marketing

The advantage of global traffic coverage, cooperating with a large number of high-quality mass media, supporting layered traffic procurement, increasing exposure and conversion rate with low cost.

Why Choose Us?

Utilizing our experience, data, and technologies, we provide you with convenient and professional services

More than 10 years of deep involvement in programmatic advertising and marketing has enabled us to accumulate rich experience, data, and technologies.

We have a strong technical team. Based on the foundation of Amazon AWS cloud services, we have built a powerful, stable and efficient system.

We also have a creative team to provide you with endless unique ideas.

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